An introduction to Level Three training

As an introduction to Level Three training, Julia Buss, our Zimele Community craft programme co-ordinator, explained that the women would be having some fun. First they presented the products they had made to join Level Three and Julia took photos of these products. The group members were then asked to do a collage of themselves, as they were that day. This meant that the collage they made should try to depict themselves in the outfits they were wearing. After this collage was completed the groups were asked to do a collage of what they liked most: most people included images of food, family, nice houses etc. They were also asked to do a collage of four things they could make (in craft but not necessarily Zimele craft), that they liked and with these images they needed to include the type of material they would use for the item and the colours they would make it in.

The women had a lot of fun making the collages and were extremely good at depicting themselves and their outfits. There was less creative thinking put into the items that they liked to make, but this will be an area that they revisit as they do their market research into their communities.

Quite a number of the women had made really original and exciting products to present to the course and it is probably these women that will gain the most out of the course and be the most successful.

Some fun products done by the women of Winterton:
BonisiwePhumelele (3)

Crocodiles by Bonisiwe Cebekhulu                            Mice by Phumelele Mlambo

Report by: Julia Buss (Craft Co-ordinator).

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