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Bongeka Khumalo of Sphembokuhle Self-Help Group, launched in 2013 in Ntabamhlophe, Winterton was just an ordinary girl like many South African youths who finish matric and stay at home. There was no hope of her finding employment. When Zimele Community introduced the Self-Help Group concept to her mother, this enterprising young woman was brave enough to join the “mamas” to start a savings group. At first it was just something to pass time for Bongeka, she really thought that nothing would come of it. The group made fabric softener and dish-washing liquid to sell to the local community to generate income.

In October 2014, Bongeka was enrolled by her mother at the Imbokodo Computer School, which was started by women of the Zimele Community Self-Help Group Programme. One year later Mrs Khumalo and her daughter are full of smiles, pride and gratitude for Zimele Community. In June last year, Bongeka was employed as an office worker at Sappi because of the computer qualifications she obtained at Imbokodo Computer School.

“My daughter now sits on a swivel chair in an office,” says a very happy Mrs Khumalo. This woman remains a pillar of strength to her group and has since spoken to two groups to inspire them to start Self Help Groups.

Zimele Community would like to say well done to Imbokodo Computer School as they are changing lives. At the end of 2015, Bongeka asked me to come to her house to see a brand new fridge and a microwave that she bought with her new hard earned cash. The appliances were bought for her mother to thank her for the support and contribution to her computer studies. Because of this she now has a job with a reputable organisation.
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Above L-R: Bongeka is happy to be employed by Sappi after attending Imbokodo Computer School in Swayimane! and Self-Help Groups working at savings.

Report by: Precious Matongo (Zimele Community field trainer – uThukela District).






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