Follow up on the NUF fertilizer trial with our farmers








Above L-R: Measuring the space for the blocks & planting the seedlings for trial.








Above L-R: the Zimele Community women involved with the fertilizer trials.


This year has seen some of our farmers from Ntabamhlophe and Swayimane actively involved in a partnership with universities researching and testing Nitrified Urine Fertilizer (NUF). The universities wanted to carry out their urine based fertilizer research on traditional soil and the aim of the project was to identify the effect of this new fertiliser.  The research has consisted of focus groups over eight months discussing whether the communities would in fact use this NUF fertilizer and the Zimele farmers’ feeling about it.  The practical research has involved using one Zimele garden in Swayimane and one in Ntabamhlophe.  The research concept involves growing similar crops using the NUF fertilizer, 3 other types of fertilizer and comparing the results and yields.  Blocks of 4m x 4m were marked out and prepared.  Block one: NUF fertilizer, block two: Urea, block three: Bone Meal and block four: DAP.  The project has involved intensive monitoring to ensure the crops grow well.  When the crops are fully grown at the end of this year the findings will determine if the NUF fertilizer is effective.   It has been a new and challenging project for the women to be a part of and we will look forward to reporting on the final results.

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