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People around the world can become involved with the work that Zimele does in the following ways:

1. Donate funding towards various Zimele projects. Click here for the link to the contact page for donations to Zimele South Africa.

2. Volunteer: every year Zimele seeks the voluntary support of three professional people. If you have a desire to make a positive change in the lives of people who are affected by poverty and you have experience in working in sub-Saharan communities, please contact us…The three areas of expertise that we need from our volunteers are:

a) administrative/fundraising skills;

b) programme developer abilities;

c) design of craft products.

3. Mission groups. Zimele hosts short-term mission groups. The purpose of these mission visits is not to do something for people when they can do it for themselves, but rather a focus on a cultural and information exchange for the enlightenment and development of both parties.

Our Partners are:
Zimele USA
Zimele UK
Zimele UK
Zimele Canada
Zimele Canada

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South African-based donors will score points in terms of socio-economic development and skills and enterprise development for BEE ratings.

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