Graduation Ceremony at Imbokodo Computer School

NothieOn 13 May 2015, Imbokodo Computer School in Swayimane celebrated its successful learners at a colourful graduation ceremony at the Swayimane Tribal Court. This has been the venue for the school’s numerous graduation events. This time there were eighteen students graduating: of the 29 enrolled, 5 had dropped out of the course mid-way and did not finish and of the 24 students who eventually passed the course, fifteen graduated, whilst the other nine did not make it to the graduation ceremony. Only 1 student failed the course.

The Imbokodo Computer School management committee has been trained about the importance of using graduation ceremonies as a marketing strategy for the school; this was after they had told the Zimele Business Skills Trainer that only 5 students were to graduate due to financial constraints. The graduation ceremonies are being used in a bid to increase the school enrollment numbers which have dropped during the past few years according to the management committee. The school committee managed to organise the graduation ceremony in a short space of time, much to the delight of the Zimele Business Skills Trainer, who was impressed to see such a large class attending the graduation ceremony.

This first graduation ceremony of the year saw Nothile Ngcobo, (above left) affectionately known as “Nothie”, graduating with a certificate in ICDL. Nothie is one of the orphans of the Thembanani OVC programme and someone who is determined to achieve much in life regardless of her challenging background – she was one of the top students in the class. Here is Nothie holding her certificate…we are so proud of you Nothie!


Above: The Graduation Ceremony at Imbokodo Computer School


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