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We will be selling our gorgeous craft products during normal Mall hours from 9am – 6pm.
Z19 Handbag - Shwe Shwe Scallop (2)Z214 Doorstop - Chicken (3)Z213 Oven Glove - Shwe Shwe (3)
New products from L-R: handbags, cutie pie chicken door stops & oven gloves

Zimele is in celebration mode and we have something to celebrate. May 9th is World Fair Trade Day and May 10th is Mother’s Day: a fantastic combination of days in one weekend! Not only can you celebrate and support the women who make the craftwork of Zimele by purchasing these superbly crafted items, you will also be making your contribution towards buying ethically, by selecting a Fair Trade product. Buy gifts for your mum or any woman in your life – and show them that you care, knowing that your caring will also reach out to others.

We buy products almost every day of our lives and not many of us give thought to where they come from or who made them. Many of us also do not realise that we sometimes buy products that are detrimental to our environment and that the people involved in making them are not sure of being treated or paid fairly in their work environment. Are you aware that in some countries people are involved in forced labour or underage children are working illegally?

So what is Fair Trade? It is a transparent trading system that supports economically marginalised people, ensuring fair prices, good working conditions, and long-term partnerships through trade. Behind every Fair Trade product on the market there are real people – these are the women who make the Zimele products – living in rural communities, many close to Pietermaritzburg – who use their significant skills to hand-make world class items that have been sold at trade fairs internationally through Zimele.

World Fair Trade Day (held on 9 May this year) is a special day worldwide, when the people who produce Fair Trade products are recognised. Similarly, those who buy Fair Trade products are also celebrated for thinking and caring about what they purchase and making ethical purchasing decisions.

So in a grand weekend of celebrations, we can celebrate women: on the one hand the women who make our craft products and also our mothers, by purchasing their products as gifts, plus choosing to purchase locally, handmade and FAIR TRADE products.

Zimele Community is a proud Fair Trade Organization member.

Above left: Philipine Ngubane of the Lethukuphila group of the Swayimane area making products
Middle:Margaret Mbeje working with a pattern for a product from the Sukumani group of Swayimane
Right: Homes in the Swayimane area

Report by: Julia Buss


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