May Newsletter 2015


Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (Lord Bless Africa)
Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo (May her glory be lifted high)
Yiva imathandazo yethu (Hear our petitions)
Nkosi Sikelela (Lord bless us)
Thina lusapho lwayo (Us your children)

Yihla Moya, (Come Spirit)
Yihla Moya, yihla Moya,
Yihla Moya,
Yihla Moya, yihla Moya,
Yihla Moya oyingcwele (Come Holy Spirit)
Nkosi sikelele (Lord bless us)
Thina lusapho lwayo. (Us your children)

Morena boloka sechaba sa heso, (Lord we ask You to protect our nation)
O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho, (Intervene and end all conflicts)
Morena boloka sechaba sa heso,
O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho.
O se boloke, o se boloke, (Protect us)
O se boloke morena se boloke,
Sechaba sa heso (Protect our nation)
Sechaba sa heso

Ma kube njalo! (Let it be so)
Ma kube njalo!
Kude kube ngunaphakade, (Forever and ever)
Kude kube ngunaphakade!

Our South African national anthem is based on this beautiful hymn…Note that the opening line calls for a blessing on Africa, not South Africa. How far have we come since our first wonderful taste of democracy just a few decades ago that we have forgotten the heady sense of unity and brotherhood of those days, when we embraced the concept of the Rainbow Nation with joy? It is simply inhuman and inhumane to attack and degrade people because of who they are. This is the basis of the despised Apartheid system, the roots behind the Holocaust.  We are all one: one species, one world, one continent. Xenophobia has no place anywhere in this global community, where the drive to seek a better life, something more, is so commonplace. People take huge risks to move across borders all over the world, from Mexico to the USA, from Libya to Italy, from South East Asia to Australia, from the EU to Britain. People move, legally or illegally, because they are hoping for a new and improved way of life. This is a common thread that unites us all – the driven search for something better. Xenophobia is a terrible scourge and an awful blight on our so recently liberated society. Please – just say “NO”.

Rosetta Stander

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Celebrate with us this weekend

Craft Newsletter

Come and celebrate with Zimele at our craft fair in front of the Pick n Pay at Liberty Mall in Pietermaritzburg from 9am to 6pm.

Zimele is in celebration mode and we have something to celebrate.  May 9th is World Fair Trade Day and May 10th is Mother’s Day: a fantastic combination of days in one weekend! Not only can you celebrate motherhood and support the Zimele Craft Programme beneficiaries by purchasing these superbly crafted items, you will also be making your contribution towards buying ethically, by selecting a Fair Trade product. Buy gifts for your mum or any woman in your life – and show them that you care, knowing that your caring will also reach out to others. Seen here is Zimele crafter Philipine Ngubane of the Lethukuphila group from Swayimane at work. Read more…

We receive our BEE accreditation
Empowerment is one of the most important economic policies in South Africa since the fall of Apartheid. BEE or Black Economic Empowerment is a government policy intending to increase participation and ownership in the economy by previously disadvantaged cultural groups including South Africans of African, Indian, Coloured and Asian ancestry. The goal of BEE is to create an economy and society where all South Africans are either employed or work for themselves, ensuring prosperity and stability for the country. Zimele Director Rosetta Stander says, ”This is exactly what Zimele Community stands for and having realised that BEE can provide Zimele Community with a real competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive funding environment, we worked towards receiving our BEE accreditation, which offers donors tax incentives and BEE points. We are always on the look-out for anything that can provide Zimele Community with even the smallest degree of differentiation. I am proud to share with you that Zimele Community now complies with BBB-EE certification as a Level 2 Contributor as well as having our CSI certification. We were rated extremely highly, scoring 95.36 out of 100 points. Thank you to those who worked so hard on achieving this vital accreditation for us.” Click here to see our BBB-EE and CSI certificates.

Ever ‘sew’ talented!
Lindeni Gumbi Newsletter
Lindeni Gumbi is a 45-year old woman with five children who is a group leader for the Qhubekela craft group. With her passion for craft, she decided to improve her sewing skills by saving the money that she earns from sales of her craftwork to study sewing. Last year, she enrolled at Brightness Fashion Designing School for a three year course. With her new acquired skills she is now making winter tracksuit trousers, skirts, coats with and without lining, lady’s trousers and shirts for both men and women. Her vision is to have her own designed products and sell under her own brand name.
Read more here…
Hard-working farmers
Agriculture 1
Drought, stray livestock that trample crops and dangerous animals such as crocodiles and hippos that have to be avoided on the way to getting water: these are just some of the issues that have to be tackled by the UMkhumbi ka Nowa and Silindelokuhle Self Help Groups in the rural communities of the Mtubatuba municipality of uMkhanyakude district. These two Self Help Groups are some of the many that have benefited from GAGA (Goodwill & Growth for Africa UK) funding for Zimele’s Self Help Group and Agriculture programmes. Read more about their resourceful approach to farming here
Off to Fashion School
Mam Shangase
Seven of our Swayimane community ladies have taken upon themselves the responsibility of paying for their training at Gateway School of Fashion. Lungile Zondi, Khethiwe Ngcobo, Goodness Nxumalo and Minenhle Bhengu of Zakahle CLA as well as Gugu Mhlongo, Sbongile Shangase and Nokuphiwa Myaka of Zimiseleni CLA, all from eHlabathini area, have made phenomenal progress in their studies for the Basic Business Skills Level One training. Their enthusiasm was a key factor in inspiring us to source technical skills training for them. In April, they enrolled at Gateway School of Fashion to start their designing and sewing course, with much excitement at the fulfillment of their dreams. Seen here is 63 year old student MamShangase, threading a needle. Read more here…
Book for an unforgettable experience
Tucked away in the foothills of the Drakensburg Mountains, lies the community of the amaSwazini valley. Here we find possibly one of the strongest SHG groups the Zimele model has seen: the Thuthukani group. These 10 ladies own and run a traditional guesthouse as one of their businesses, with members including a crèche teacher, crafters, farmers, OVC and HBC carers, community tribal court representatives as well as being mothers and grandmothers. The capacity of these women in becoming hosts for a unique tourism experience has risen to a whole new level, and they skillfully care for their guests with traditional Zulu hospitality. Guests discover what rural life is like, even collecting firewood and fetching the goats, trying their hand at beadwork and exploring the area. We invite everyone to experience this life-changing stay. For details and to book your visit, contact: for the holiday of a lifetime. Read more here…


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