October Newsletter 2014

This month is the start of the countdown to Christmas, which is just a few months away: a frightening thought that another year has almost gone by in a flurry of activity! With Christmas in mind, I would like to launch our heartwarming Donate a Doll project for 2014. We started this campaign last year, whereby our crafters sew beautiful dolls (complete with dresses and ‘bloomers’ and earrings for the ladies, and dapper shorts and shirts for the male dolls). These dolls are then bought by our donors, who donate them to orphaned boys and girls in child-headed households across our KwaZulu-Natal province. Finally, a portion of the donor’s funds are allocated to Zimele’s Orphan Children’s Education Fund to go towards the cost of school uniforms for needy children. Most of these children have never received a gift and they seldom have any toys, let alone a special doll that looks like them that they can take everywhere and cherish as their own. To date we have proudly seen 300 of these dolls being made and shared with our children – please help us to share the gift of a doll with many more children this year. Perhaps spread the news and maximise your impact by asking your local churches, schools, families and friends, reading groups and book clubs etc to become involved. For details, please contact me at director@zimelecommunity.co.za.

Rosetta Stander

Mtubatuba agricultural marketing workshop


Mtubatuba Farmers have reached a new level in agricultural expertise. Their gardens are flourishing and vegetables are practically being produced by the ton! The farmers have put into practice all the training and knowledge brought to them by the Zimele agriculture programme and its partners and the hard work is paying off. To raise the volume and potential for sales, Zimele’s Agriculture and Enterprise teams joined forces to hold a workshop to educate the farmers about the process of marketing their produce commercially. By mentoring and training them through this marketing development stage we hope to encourage the farmers to source and capture the best markets for the produce they grow. Read more here…

Sunday Tribune Garden Show

Garden Show 2

Yet again the Zimele Craft exhibition stand dazzled visitors who thronged to the Royal Showgrounds in Pietermaritzburg for the annual Garden Show, which took place from 19-21 September. This event is a highlight of the local calendar and draws significant crowds, with 17 343 visitors this year, an increase on 2013 when 16 073 patrons entered the grounds. It was a busy and successful show for Zimele craft, and was the first time we have shown off the beautiful products designed by Philippa Haskins, our product developer in the Pietermaritzburg marketplace. Read more…

Siyaphumelela Farmers’ Day, Swayimane

Fday 1

Farmers’ Days are a platform for farmers to convene, share information with one another, meet experts, create linkages with input suppliers and raise awareness regarding relevant issues. The third annual Siyaphumelela Farmers’ Day, held in Swayimane on 15 September, was no different. Farmers, researchers, input suppliers, Intuthuko Yomama Federation leadership and the community at large convened on the day, which was set to be informative and get the farmers raring to go ahead of the upcoming planting season. Read more…

Malusi’s motorbike – words by Malusi


Firstly I love to say thanks to the USA group who donated money for my motorbike! It was hard to travel in Swayimane because transport is rare on most days. Having a motorbike makes my life easier and I now get to see three groups per day. Thanks to Chris Martin’s group! When I heard from Rosetta Stander, our Zimele Director, about getting a motorbike I was very excited and felt a little bit of fear because I have never driven a motorbike before. I know how to ride a bicycle (which I did while I was young) but driving a motorbike I took as a challenge. I had to talk to my parents about this – my mom was very scared and she told me to be extra careful. My co-workers at Zimele, Christa and Kim, told me that also and also warned me about not speeding.
Read more…




Revival of the Funulwazi SHG

Pic 1

The Funulwazi Self Help Group is an older savings group that lay dormant for a while due to family illness. But good news – the members have now resurrected their SHG and are once again active. They have two businesses that they have been running for a while: a Mr Phone shop that sells airtime for cellphones and pre-paid electricity vouchers and a ‘spaza’ shop that sells soap and other household necessities. Read more…

A keen baker

Newsletter 2

Gugu Zondi is one of the members of Kusile SHG, who attended a baking course through Zimele and eThembeni. The five week “eThembeni Bake for Profit” course (with training one day a week) took place in Howick, and Gugu graduated at the beginning of August this year. After receiving this training Gugu was inspired and driven to learn more. Read more…

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