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Zimele was launched in January 2007 by Rosetta Stander with an aim to support vulnerable women in remote rural communities. She wanted to develop an organisation based on skills development to uplift these women with poor economies and help them gain access to larger economies opportunities.

Determined to break the cycle of ‘hand-out dependency’ and basing her model on highly successful schemes in India, she created Zimele, meaning “people stand on their own feet” in Zulu. Zimele is a non-profit organisation that acts as a facilitator, not just feeding people for a day but leading them towards belief in their personal ability to work their way out of poverty. Zimele’s aim is to focus on the individual’s journey to self-worth, self-realisation, and finally sustainable self-sufficiency so that people are able to contribute fully and according to their individual strengths on a community level for the ultimate benefit of both the individual and the wider community.

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