Our Values

Hope: without hope there is nothing. Zimele guides the way towards hope, empowering people to inspire hope in others and creates the confidence to strive for a better future for themselves and others.

Healing: Zimele lights the way towards healing the spirit, the soul, the self. By healing individuals we heal the whole community.

Empowerment: we believe in a hand-up not a hand-out. We empower people to achieve their fullest potential.

Justice: we stand for what is just by raising dignity and encouraging people to stand for it for themselves and others.

Community: a vital concept, especially in Africa. No one exists in isolation. By helping people to help themselves, we help an entire community.

Accountability: we don’t do for people what they, given the correct guidance, can do for themselves. With empowerment comes accountability and responsibility.

Environment: we are all part of a wider creation, and everything we do must be considered in terms of its effect on ourselves, our neighbours, and the world we live in. We empower people to protect their resources so that their hope for tomorrow becomes a reality.

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