Poultry training follow up

Last year some of our farmers received in-house chicken training by the Zimele Community Agriculture team as well as a week-long practical course at KZNPI (KwaZulu-Natal Poultry Institute). At this course the farmers learnt about producing chickens for business opportunities. After the training the farmers bought both broiler and layer chickens. Bheki Makhathini, the Zimele Community Agriculture facilitator, visited the communities in February to do a follow up on their progress.

He found that the Zimele Community poultry farmers seem to be maintaining the farming process well. Some of the farmers are still battling to find suitable housing for their chickens and some have opted to use a room within their main house. The training seems to have been both successful and useful in that farmers are vaccinating their birds and maintaining biosecurity by placing foot baths and avoiding contact with other birds/animals whilst their broiler chickens are growing. Broilers are being sold at 5/6 weeks at R70.00 per bird. The eggs collected from their layers are being sold at R2.00 an egg. The farmers are proud to say that they are helping their community by producing and selling commodities locally. One can now buy a chicken or egg “next door” instead of having to travel to a shop!

ChicksMam Dlamuka with Eggs

Above L-R: Mrs Ndlovu from Swayimane using one of her rooms in the house to keep her broiler chicks & Mrs Dlamuka from Swayimane with her egg collection.

Mam NdlovuVaccination






Above L-R: Mrs Ndlovu with her broiler chicks (she now has over 400 at each time) and vaccination processses being shown to the farmers.

Report by: Bheki Makhathini (Zimele Community Agriculture facilitator).

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