Powerful ladies are our ambassadors – MaGwala’s story


Octavia Gwala’s story

Mrs Octavia Gwala was born on 15 April 1957 in Mkhambathini in KwaZulu-Natal. She joined the Zimele Savings/Self Help Groups in 2008 and belonged to the Siyafufusa savings group, under the Sizanani Cluster.

This powerful woman has developed into a leader in her community on many different levels.

  • She is the chairperson of the Cluster to which her Self Help Group reports.
  • She is the leader of the youth life skills programme that was formed by the women to address the high teenage pregnancy level in their community.
  • She is a director of the Philakuqala Burial Society, which was founded by the women on the Zimele Community programme.
  • She has travelled to India with Zimele and the Office of the Premier, where she received training on the formation of a Federation which is the ultimate body of the Savings/Self Help Group programme. The first South African Federation was launched in August 2014.
  • She is writing a book called “Impilo Yam”
  • Ikwezi FM radio station features her once a month on Tuesday, where she talks about the savings programme and her book.
  • She facilitates classes every Friday in Swayimane for orphaned children. Currently there are 10 children attending.
  • She has formed 13 Savings/Self Help Groups and 2 Clusters in her community.

She is truly an inspiration to us all!

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