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Children’s right’s training

Teachers and assistants from the crèches associated with Zimele Community in Swayimane received training on children’s rights last month. Thirty-four crèche teachers and assistants attended the training from eight different clusters in Swayimane. The women were trained on the importance of child well-being.

The facilitator showed the teachers how to facilitate brain-developing activities and games. The teachers were also shown games to wake the children up in the morning and help them to identify if a child is undergoing any problems at home such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse. The women were taught not to mix different ages of children, to take special care of disabled children and shown safety measures to protect the children. It was emphasised that a teacher should always be present when looking after the children outside, gates should be locked and they should form bonds with the children without over-spoiling them.

The Children’s Rights Centre aimed at helping the teachers and assistants break the “Lala Vuka Crèche Approach”. This is used in some crèches where the children are told to sleep, wake up, eat, go back to sleep, wake up and then go home. They showed the teachers and assistants a number of role plays, games and activities to stimulate the children and help in their physical, emotional and brain development.

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Above: Crèche teachers during Children’s Rights training in Swayimane.

Gender Based Violence training

On 9th March, Gender Based Violence Training was organised and well attended in Ntabamhlophe, Winterton with a turnout of 22 participants. The women learned so much from this training, and some of them were referred to places where they could get further help. The training was very beneficial to participants because it addressed real issues that the women experience in their lives. Some of the issues discussed were sensitive and some of the women were very emotional. Fortunately the trainers were well equipped to handle the issues and to counsel the women through the training.

The following topics were discussed in depth:

  1. Economic Violence
  2. Emotional, Verbal and Psychological Abuse
  3. Physical Abuse
  4. Harassment

Sexual abuse was also discussed and the women were made aware of many things that they did not realise were in fact abuse. The subject of abuse pertaining to children was discussed in length. It was the general feeling that most women thought that girls are the only ones exposed to the risk of rape. This was highly beneficial to the women as we live in a society where rape is on the increase and occurring in both sexes. Precious Matongo (Zimele Community Field Trainer) said it was wonderful to see the women being empowered and made aware of the warning signs even though the signs do not always necessarily mean the child has been sexually molested, but do show that something is wrong. The women were told to keep an eye out if a child shows the following signs:-

  • Clinging, withdrawal, unexplained fear or depression
  • Nightmares or sleep disturbance
  • Deterioration in concentration and school work
  • Behaviour problems for example stealing, lying, running away
  • Soreness, discharge or bleeding in genital regions
  • Soiling or bedwetting in a child already toilet trained
  • Recurring abdominal pain or headaches with no obvious reason
  • Sexual behaviour or sexual knowledge beyond what is normal for the child’s age
  • Sudden use of new terms for private parts
  • Drug abuse
  • Attempted suicide

Precious Matongo (Zimele Community Field Trainer) said that it was the most educational and beneficial training the women have attended. Despite the emotional challenges during the training the women loved the opportunity to learn more.

Ubumbano Cluster representatives during G B V training

Above: Ubumbano Cluster representatives in Winterton attedning Gender Violence Based training.

Report by: Nolungiso Mnduna & Precious Matongo (Zimele Community Field Trainers).

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