Siyahlomula Crèche begins the building process

Siyahlomula Crèche has been operating under the Sizanani Cluster in Swayimane since 2012. The Siyaphambilli Crèche governing committee put measures into practice to help decide which crèches would be selected for a new building when the opportunity arose. Although there were several candidates, it was decided the next in line would be the Siyahlomula crèche under the Sizanani Cluster. The teachers have attended and graduated training; the governing body has become effective and active in the daily tasks of teaching the children and the crèche has a sound track record!

Months of preparation and securing permission were needed and carried out to begin the initial phase of the project. The Project Build team, Zimele staff, Sizanani Cluster and Siyahlomula Crèche governing body women and builders met to team up for another crèche project.

Final plans and an outline of what is required and expected by all parties were revised. Within the next few weeks the builder and engineers will be arriving on site to begin. The building should be complete towards the end of July 2016.

This project is possible thanks to kind and generous contributions from Zimele funders totalling R160 000 and Project Build which contributed R100 000. An exciting milestone for all involved in early childhood development! Many thanks to all parties involved! We look forward to following the work of this incredible group of Zimele Community women.

Creche 1Creche 2


Above: Signing paperwork agreeing to the role of the women during the building. The children and teachers are very excited at all the activity.

Creche 3Creche 4






Above left: Nolungiso Mnduna the Zimele Community field trainer signs on behalf of Zimele.  Above right: everyone staying out of the hot sun for the meeting.

Creche 6Creche 5






Above: the committee stood where the actual building would be so as to get a good idea on how everything would look once finished.

Report by: Kim McCall (Zimele Community Enterprise Developer).

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