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Young people from Mbuba, Umzinyathi district, guided by Zane Dlamini (Zimele Community Field Trainer) attended training organised and facilitated by SocioNext at the Ibandla Labazalwane Church from 29 February to 4 March 2016. During this time, the young entrepreneurs came up with brilliant business ideas and within three days had made their ideas into reality and were “up and running” and selling! Their businesses included two bakeries, a hairdressing salon, and a “shisa nyama” food takeaway. Each group was given a loan of R700.00 as start-up capital. The businesses were able to pay back the loan and still make a profit within a week of setting up and training. Very impressive! What is perhaps most significant is that these young people have seen that by investing energy in their own good ideas they can be successful and generate income without searching for a ‘job’…and have learned practical skills that could become a suitable ‘career’ for them to pursue.
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Bakery - MatimatoloShisa Nyama Business

Above left: the bakery business from Matimatolo showing their baked goods. They have paid back their loan and have made a profit of R150.00 in two days of selling their goods.
Above right: the “Shisa Nyama” traditional takeaway food business selling lunch to Zane Dlamini (Zimele Community Field Trainer) at R15.00 per take away. After paying their loan back they had made a profit of R140.00 by the end of the training session!

Bakery - MbubaSalon Business






Above left: the bakery business from Mbuba selling their goods. By the end of training they had paid their loan back and made a profit of R380.00.
Above right: the hairdressing salon in action! After the training and paying back their loan, the business has made a profit of R240.00

Report by: Zane Dlamini (Zimele Community Field Trainer).

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