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Name: Nkanyiso

As I write this letter I’m so very grateful and thankful to get this opportunity because there are good advantages that I discovered during the camp.

Another thing: camp provides an experience for us to learn and develop. I was more confident and wanted to know every thing. I was excited to be in school and this helped me look at challenging situations differently and instead of giving up, finding a way around them.

Name: Mlungisi

The camp was great. It was a lifetime experience having to share stories with people who seemed interested in knowing about us as Africans, I felt so welcomed. I also leant that people are the same, although from different countries, cultures and the colour of our skins. I learnt a lot. I always suffered with the way I conducted my self towards other people but now I can say that I’m a changed person because I try by all means to communicate with other people and that’s great, I also learnt that fears can play a major role in holding your life back. Having to face my fears there was scary but amazing; afterwards my self belief just grew. It was a really good learning curve for me. I wish I could do it again! And thanks to everyone who took part in planning it.

Name: Londy


I’ve learned lot of things at the camp. The place was nice. We found peace of mind. Actually we were like family there.

When I came there I told myself that I want to learned & gain knowledge and become a better person than I was before. I learned communicating with other people and sharing ideas, overcoming my fears like crossing the river… learning some people’s culture and I also learned how they live their life. Through the games that we were playing I’ve learnt something – like respect each other and work together as a team. Some games were challenging – I remember I was about to quit but because of the support I got from my team, everyone was behind me giving me support so I carried on with the game and we finished.

I learned that although we have some obstacles & difficulties that come in our way, because there are people who encourage me, who support and believe in me I just press on. I’ve learn that I won’t give up no matter what will come my way I will focus to the things that I want in life & I won’t allow the situation or challenges change who I am or what I want.

I enjoyed every moment there. I miss the morning exercises, the motivation, the word of God; sharing stories and culture at the fireplace. I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR’S TRIP!! .

Name: Nomvula

We all have goals /dreams but it become hard to realise them or follow them because there is no support systems…It was just another new year, a lot of us had resolutions but a weekend in Richmond changed our lives, especially mine.

It was the greatest trip I have ever had, one of the greatest experiences in my life. I learned a lot of things about myself, it made me realise that the Across U Hub community is the kind of community I would like to be part of for the rest of my life, either by being part of the team, helping or leading the Community.

The most common goal we had in our community was to learn each others’ culture, which we managed to achieve throughout the weekend (experiencing Chinese, Canadian and Zulu culture). This made us respect and appreciate each other more. We played games that required us to work together as a team, did art therapy where we learnt to tell a story through drawing which was amazing because I can’t draw! I always had this mindset that those who can draw are born with the talent or they study for it.

The Canada team helped us to realise our goals and to form objectives on how we gonna achieve our goals and this made me more eager to follow my dreams of being a social worker and act as an incentive to other youth to follow in the field so that we can close the career gap in South Africa. In summary I’m confident, mentally strong, logical, inventive, have high expectations, knowledgeable, enjoy my own company…I had a great time in the camp; I came back a better person. I’m working hard at computer school and finishing my course in March and I’m hoping to find a job to raise money to go back to college/varsity to study further.

Name: Winile

The things that I learned in the Camp are how to communicate with people and how to communicate in team work. I learned that we have different cultures and we as a people are the same because we are created by God. I gained more experience that I will share in my community. The activities that we were playing in camp helped me and I’m not a kind of person who likes to exercise and now I know the reason that why it’s so important.

The new things I discovered about myself are that in life you have to love and respect other people because we are all human, we need one other. I also learned from other people that they show their emotions in different ways, some of them by drawing, writing and some by talking.

The thing that I noticed while we were at the camp – we were so happy and excited and we got along. I wish we could do it again.

Name: Nkululeko

Hella Hellas is a nice place to be! I have learnt a lot of things in the youth camp and I really enjoyed it because we were from different places with others from overseas countries. The thing I enjoyed the most are the games, each game we played gave me certain lesson. I have learnt the cultures of people from other countries and the way they live their lives.

The thing I liked the most is the lesson that taught us about goal setting. Before I thought that I know to set my goals but when learning about the goal setting, I have realised that I do not know to set my goals. I was so happy to be in this camp, meeting new people, learning new things and sharing different views. I WISH IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN

Name: Nolwazi

I have learned that if you are a human being you must teach yourself to be patient so that you can have success in everything that you are doing and get what you wish for. I also leant that you must have confidence in what you are doing – don’t be afraid and don’t say I cannot do this, there are people who can do this thing not me. But it’s better to try and then maybe fail at it. I have learnt communication with other people, respect learning and how other countries live. I enjoyed being at this camp. Thank you all people who participated in organizing this camp.

Name: Njabulo

My experience from the camp, this had a huge impact in my life. I learnt a lot of good things about myself so it was much easier to work on my problems when I came back home from this camp. I leant that I have bad habits like lack of self control – the ability to stick to the important decisions I make about my life and I know that if I want to change and be a better person it’s the first thing I have to work on. At the camp they gave us a notebooks and it really helped me express myself and I don’t know why but I noticed that I take everything in writing more seriously, so the first thing I did when I came back home was start a diary and in it I write my plans for the things to do week by week and it’s helped me because I am now doing the important things in life.

I was also a really nervous person, I always found it so hard to make a friend especially when I’m around new people, but at the camp I always wished to be open, funny and motivated, to be the best at all the times. Thank you so much.

Name: Nothy

To go to this camp was an amazing trip – to identify a lot of things. I have been to camp at Hella Hella, I leant many things: cultures and traditions of different races, communicating skills, working as a team and experiencing some new activities. We were sharing ideas about life, how can we deal with other obstacles that overcome us like poverty and any other thing? I leant about the culture and the history of Canada. I learned about time management, respecting and being friendly and kindly while you are working with people, and to be wide open, come up with solutions. I had experienced more activities which helped me to reflex my body and mind. I got more time to think about my future and myself because we learnt about careers. I realized that every single person needs others to get something out.

Name: Thanda

I recognise that Across U Hub is sent by God to do ministry work with the young people and I have something in common with them because this is what God called me to do to – change lives. I also learned that drawing or artwork can reveal good memories or touching stories that lead you to praise God for what he has done for you. I also learned to challenge myself by wanting to be the first one to jump into a river. Thank to God I made it, so there’s nothing a man can do that I cannot do. Thank you for the camp it was amazing.

Name: Mbali Qwabe

It was my first time at the camp. I was excited and a little bit nervous because I did not know exactly what is going to happen. At that camp it taught me a lot and I saw that it is important to meet other people in life. We were divided into groups so that we were working as a team most of the time. I learned that every person has right to dream and to achieve it if we are determined. We had many games we performed as a team games. It taught me that no matter how hard is something you want to do – never give up and keep on trying until you do it.

On Saturday night we had a fire camp, where the Canadian team taught us about their culture and we also teach them ours. There is a lot of things they teach us .e.g. to make a chon and they explained to us what ii is for and the way they greet an adult in their country. We taught them a Zulu dance and how to make Zulu beer.

I really enjoyed the camp; I was even wishing that our days were extended to be still at camp. I would like to be part of a camp again because it really helpful to me .e.g. how to communicate with others, care, trust and never give up. I gained a lot of knowledge as I now know exactly my goal and how I will achieve it – together we grow across cultures.

Name: Thulani

It was great and it changed my life – it was perfect meeting new people, sharing ideas, learning some other people’s cultures. I’ve learnt to respect others and learnt everyone have a talent. The life skill camp changed my life and now I see things in a different way. I miss the morning exercises, motivational words, and the word of God by Nicole. I thank God for giving me a chance to go there. We were sharing ideas and sharing talents that we are given by God, and we learnt about life challenges that many people are facing.
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